Monday, February 07, 2005

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Huebner 2 4

Ceremonial Speech

Read about this speech in Cook - videotaped on Feb. 19th.

4 Ps of Writing for the Ear:

1) Partitioning – Structuring, Organizing the speech into patterns. A speech for the ear must be more clearly organized than a written speech because the audience cannot “rewind”.

Motivated Sequence – Psychology - Alan Monroe:

1) Attention
2) Need to Change/Problem
3) Solution/Satisfaction
4) Visualization
5) Action

E.g. Vacuum Sales Pitch:

1) Get it the door with a pitch
2) Throw dirt on the customer’s rug
3) Use vacuum to clean it
4) Show and tell about the clean rug
5) Close the sale

2) Pace – How fast ideas are covered in a speech. “More words per square thought” gives an audience time to absorb information. When ideas are clear, the “fat boiled out”, the speech can be expanded to make it better suited for the ear. Picture – Abstractions go in one ear and out the other, but pictures stick with us. Image-based words work better than concept-based words for the ear. “Words are like ice picks we use to break up the frozen seas within us” – Kafka “The only way of expressing emotion the form of art is by finding an objective correlative – in other words, a set of events which shall be the formula of that particular emotion. Such that when the external facts are given, the motion is immediately evoked.” – T.S. Eliot “In proportion as the manners, customs and amusements of a nation are cruel and barbarous, the regulations of their penal code will be severe.” – Hebert Spencer – Manners, customs and amusements could be something like sports…”In proportion as people delight in battles, bullfights, and combat of gladiators, they will punish by hanging, burning, and the rack.” “When someone tosses litter in the street it becomes a serious problem for the municipal authorities. Weather conditions make the situation worse. Because of the economic pressure, civic payrolls have declined; litter may remain uncollected for long periods of time…could be, “Every time you throw a McDonalds wrapper, a used paper cup, or a cigarette but into the street, sanitation work has to come along and pick it up….”This was a man of peace and reconciliation, a man who brought people together across national and religious boundaries” about King Hussein of Jordan, could be, “This was a man of peace and reconciliation, a man who reached out to speak with those who opposed him, a man who went to Israel to meet with the families of those who were killed by Jordanian terrorists and who knelt with them in prayer.” Or, “This was a man of peace and reconciliation. And when he learned that Jordanian terrorists had killed a group of Israeli children he left his royal palace in Amman and he flew to the small house on Ben Gurion Street where the parents of those children were gathered in mourning…”


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